This is where the kiwiSDR (PY2-81502 SWL) is installed in São Bernardo do Campo SP, Southeastern Brazil.


#305 Reception in Southeastern Brazil – November 8, 2021

#305 Reception in Southeastern Brazil – November 8, 2021
Rudolf Grimm

São Bernardo SP (GG66rg)
KiwiSDR (PY2-81502 SWL, São Bernardo SP) 
PA0RDT Mini-Whip Antenna
=> SEQUENCE: Country, Frequency, Broadcaster, Transmitter Site, Language, Date & UTC Time, Reception Details, SINPO, (**) Target Area, Comments.
=> Brazilian stations: in Portuguese language.
21490 kHz: BBC
, via Georgetown, English, 02/11 1420. Talk by male voice. 35543. **Tx to Africa.
21630 kHz: BBC, via Georgetown, English, 02/11 1605. Talk abt global warming, interview. 35553. **Tx to Africa.
21630 kHz: Test transmission. 02/11 1730. Instrumental music parts in several rhythms and styles. Id in English language: ‘You are listening to a test transmission’. After 5 minutes, sign-off. 35443. **Perhaps it was the final test to support TWR Africa's transmission, see next logging.
21630 kHz: TWR Africa, via Georgetown, Arabic, 03/11 1730. TWR Africa programming in Arabic language, Christian song, talk / message by male and female voices (in a Questions & Answers style). 35553. **Tx to Africa.
7410 kHz: TWR Africa
, Manzini, Umbundu, 02/11 1817. Interval signal, id in English language: ‘This is TWR, broadcasting from Eswatini...’. Talk by male voice in Umbundu language, song and message. 25542. **Tx to Africa.
13810 kHz: TWR Africa, Manzini, Arabic, 02/11 1800. Interval signal, ‘This is TWR, broadcasting from Eswatini...’ Talk by female voice in Arabic language, song by mixed group. Message by female voice in a theatrical style. 35553. **Tx to Africa.

21690 kHz
: Radio France International, Issoudun, Swahili, 02/11 1510. Talk by male and female voices speakers. 35543. **Tx to Africa. 
5980 kHz: BBC
, via Kranji, English, 02/11 2300. News Bulletin by male and female speakers. comments. 25542. **Tx to S Asia. 

21630 kHz: BBC
, via Dhabbiya, Hausa. 02/11 1415. Talk by male voice, phone-in. 02/11 1415. 35543. **Tx to Africa. 
7780 kHz: Radio Tirana
, via WRMI, Okeechobee, English, 02/11 2230. Id in English language: ‘This is WRMI, Okeechobee, Florida...’. Male voice communication ‘Radio Tirana... Albania’. Vaccination in Albania. Song. 25432. **Tx to Europe. 
21525 kHz: WRMI Radio Africa, via Okeechobee, English, 02/11 1520. Talk by male voice, instrumental music. 25542. **Tx to N Africa.
21470 kHz
: BBC, via Sta. Maria di Galeria, Somali, 02/11 1405. Talk by male announcer in Somali language. 35543. **Tx to NE Africa.  
73 & good DX, rg

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