This is where the kiwiSDR (PY2-81502 SWL) is installed in São Bernardo do Campo SP, Southeastern Brazil.


#287 Reception in Southeastern BRAZIL – May 10, 2021

May 10, 2021
Rudolf Grimm, PY2-81502 SWL
Reception in São Bernardo SP, BRAZIL (GG66rg)
Receiver: My KiwiSDR (São Bernardo) + PA0RDT Mini-Whip Antenna   
Times in UTC.
=> SEQUENCE: Country, frequency, station, location, language, date & UTC time, details, SINPO.
1350 kHz: Radio Buenos Aires
, Buenos Aires, Spanish, 08/05 2358. Iglesia Universal del Reino de Diós programming, church services, contacts in Buenos Aires, id ‘Radio Buenos Aires’. 23542.
4930 kHz: Voice of America
, via Selebi-Phikwe, Shona, 10/05 0401. Male voice communication, frequencies in use, ‘South Africa’. 35553. **Tx w/20° Az to Western Africa.
820 kHz: Radio Bandeirantes
, Goiania GO, 10/05 0528. Relaying Radio Bandeirantes São Paulo, 840 kHz. 34543.
860 kHz: Radio Cidade, Fortaleza CE, 10/05 0522. Two male voice speakers on comment about problems in State of Ceará. 25442.
1160 kHz: Radio Espírito Santo, Vitória ES, 10/05 0515. Id ‘Radio Espírito Santo e a Super Madrugada com Manoel Peçanha’. 34443.
1340 kHz: Radio CBN, Porto Alegre RS, 10/05 0510. Id ‘CBN’, Weather report to Rio Grande do Sul State announced by local female voice speaker. 34433.
1350 kHz: Super Rede Boa Vontade de Radio, via Radio Cristal, Salvador-BA, 08/05 2350. Legião da Boa Vontade (LBV) programming, male voice communication. 34543.
1440 kHz: Radio Deus é Amor, via Radio Clarim de Palmas, Itaí SP, 10/05 0505. Igreja Pentecostal Deus é Amor programming, id from several stations in net. 33543.
1450 kHz: Radio Cultura, Ituverava SP, 10/05 0500. Time checkink, Rede Imaculada programming. 23542. **Checked the streaming from Radio Cultura.
1470 kHz: Radio Absoluta, Campos RJ, 08/05 2320. Brazilian song, id ‘Absoluta, a líder na região’. 23542.
1470 kHz: Radio Lider, Herval d’Oeste SC, 08/05 2308. A Christian programming, id, Brazilian song. 23542.
1560 kHz: Radio Grande Rio, Itaguaí RJ, 10/05 0453. Advs Governo Federal, id ‘...a melhor, Grande Rio...’. 33543. **Strong QRM - 1570 kHz Radio ABC, Santo André SP.
5010 kHz: Radio Madagasikara
(pres.), Antananarivo, Malagasy, 10/05 0415. Male and female voices communication, typical instrumental music. 25542. **Regional tx.
4960 kHz: Voice of America
, via Pinheira, English, 10/05 0406. Male voice communication, News Bulletin, ‘VoA News’. 35543. **Tx w/30° Az to Northeastern Africa.
1600 kHz: Radio Litoral
, Fray Bentos, Spanish, 10/05 0435. Typical Latin American songs. Id ‘Trasmite CX160, Radio Litoral...’. 24322. **Thanks, Radio 9 de julho 1600 kHz São Paulo for the one hour silence!!!
There are 4 stations In the FM band extended in São Paulo region, with excellent signal quality:
.. 77.5 MHz - Rádio Capital, São Paulo, // 1040 kHz.
.. 77.9 MHz - Rádio Cultura, São Paulo // 1200 kHz.
.. 84.1 MHz - GRU FM, Guarulhos - migrated from 1500 kHz, ex-Rádio Cumbica.
.. 87.1 MHz - Rádio Nacional, São Paulo - a new FM station in São Paulo, retransmitting programming from Radio Nacional FM 96.1 MHz, Brasília. But yesterday afternoon, a football match from Rio de Janeiro was broadcast via 87.1 MHz, a signal originated by Radio Nacional Rio de Janeiro - 1130 kHz. All these Nacional stations belongs to EBC - Empresa Brasileira de Comunicação.
. Because there are a low number of receivers able to tune the extended FM band in hands of listeners in Brazil (-> portable & fixed receivers, cell phones, FM receivers in cars, trucks), Brazilian federal regulatory agencies have given freedom to the medium wave broadcasters that are going to the extended FM band to continue using their traditional MW frequencies in parallel for 5 years.
. Other major cities in Brazil have also started on last May 7 the process of switching to extended FM, the same as it happened here in the São Paulo region.
73 & good DX! rg

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