...where the KiwiSDR (PY2-81502 SWL) is installed (behind the trees) - São Bernardo SP GG66rg, SE BRAZIL


#257 Reception in Ibiúna SP, BRAZIL - September 20, 2020

(RG) - Rudolf Grimm PY2-81502 SWL
São Bernardo SP (GG66rg) & Ibiuna SP (GG66hh)
Rx: Kenwood R-1000
Ant.: Quantum Loop Radio Plus+ (indoor)
Acc: Filter Potomac FL-31 (* It made a big difference on MW reception) 
@ Brazilian stations: all in Portuguese.
@ All times in UTC.
530 kHz: AM530, Buenos Aires, Spanish, 20/09 0239. Id ‘AM530, porque Somos Radio’. Rock’n roll song in English. 35553 (RG).
950 kHz: CNN Radio, Buenos Aires, Spanish, 19/09 2149. Id ‘CNN Radio’ by YL, talk show. 24532 (RG).
1150 kHz: Radio Brigadier Lopez, Santa Fé, Spanish, 20/09 0137. Interview, phone-in, ‘Santa Fé’. 34543 (RG).
1350 kHz: Radio Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Spanish, 19/09 0326. ‘Radio Buenos Aires informa’. Nx by YL abt Covid-19. 45554 (RG).
750 kHz: Radio Atual, Registro SP, 19/09 1240. ‘ZYK696 Radio Atual, Registro, São Paulo, todo o mundo ouve a Rádio Atual... Rádio Atual, sempre com você’. Brazilian song. 35553 (RG).
840 kHz: Radio Rural, Concórdia SC, 19/09 2256. Male voice communication, announcements, song in Gaucho style. 34543 (RG). A good reducing from 840 kHz Radio Bandeirantes, São Paulo with filtering functions. Perfect harmonisation between Quantum loop and Potomac FL-31.
860 kHz: Radio Cidade, Fortaleza CE, 19/09 2311. Sport transmission (Soccer, Campeonato Brasileiro – Série A, Fortaleza x Internacional), advs from Fortaleza. 25322 (RG). A slight shift in the loop position, no more Cordillera, now Radio Cidade.
950 kHz: Radio Vale, Tijucas SC, 19/09 2126. Sport News, advs from Tijucas City, ‘a melhor loja de Tijucas... você está na melhor, Radio Vale’. Sport talk. 34543 (RG).
960 kHz: Radio Caraíba (Radio Deus é Amor), Aparecida de Goiania GO, 19/09 2147. Christian program, preaching by male voice, IPDA style. 24342 (RG). Reducing the strong signal from 960 kHz Radio São Paulo with the loop and filter, receiving a perfect signal from Radio Caraíba. Awesome!
970 kHz: Radio Araguaia, Brusque SC, 19/09 2134. Brazilian song, ‘Radio Araguaia’. 25442 (RG).
970 kHz: Radio Liberdade, Porto Alegre RS, 19/09 2142. Song in Gaucho style, ‘Liberdade, a melhor música’. 34543 (RG).
1020 kHz: Radio Colombo, Curitiba PR, 19/09 0252. Brazilian song, id ‘Super Radio Colombo, mais ligada em você’. 35543 (RG).
1140 kHz: Radio Regional, Registro SP, 20/09 0132. Brazilian song, id ‘... aqui na Regional’. 24542 (RG).
1300 kHz: Radio Real, São Carlos SP, 19/09 0230. Relaying 840 kHz Radio Bandeirantes, São Paulo, Brazilian song, time pips (from Radio Bandeirantes), time checking. 34543 (RG).
1380 kHz: Radio Frequência, Garopaba SC, 19/09 2202. Brazilian songs, time checking, id ‘Frequencia, a melhor música’. 35543 (RG).
1390 kHz: Radio Esperança, Porto Alegre RS, 19/09 2242. Preaching direct from a church, Igreja Nações do Amor de Deus. 34543 (RG).
1390 kHz: Radio Sul Fluminense, Barra Mansa RJ, 19/09 2236. Advs from Barra Mansa: Clinica do HD, Rede-Plan, Joalheria Aline (centro de Barra Mansa), Supermercado Beira-Rio, Brito Materiais de Construção, Casa de Carnes Boi do Sul, Preto Burger, etc... 35443 (RG).
1500 kHz: Radio Cidade das Árvores, Araras SP, 19/09 0312. Id ‘Radio Cidade das Árvores, Araras, São Paulo’, international song. 35543 (RG).
1100 kHz: BBN Radio, via Viña del Mar, Spanish, 19/09 0225. Preaching by male voice. 34533 (RG). The best reception from this station since January 2020.
1140 kHz: Radio Nacional, Santiago, Spanish, 20/09 0121. Talk show, male and female voices discussing about health situation in Santiago and region, Covid-19, ‘...no fumar, sanidad publica, Santiago, programas de sanidad...’. 24532 (RG). No id informed on the listening time, but after minutes I checked the áudio with the station streaming: The same radio show, the same voices, the same subject in discussion. Then, Radio Nacional, Santiago.
1100 kHz: BBN Radio, via Bogota, Spanish, 20/09 0102. BBN program, preaching and songs. 25432 (RG). On 1100 kHz two BBN signal (Viña del Mar and Bogotá) in South America: Viña del Mar w/250° Az, Bogotá w/330° Az. Loop on 250° BBN Chile, 260°, 270°, ... 320°, zero signal. On 330° Az a new BBN signal, not so good as the Chilean transmission. And the best: 330° Az from Ibiuna represents Colombia!!!. Back to 250°, a better signal, again the black hole until 330° then the same BBN program → Bogotá!!!!!!!!! Both stations with the same program in Spanish from USA, both listened in Ibiuna.....
860 kHz: Radio La Voz de La Cordillera, Caaguazu, Spanish, 19/09 2311. Oldies, Mamas and the Papas ‘California Dreaming’, jingle ‘Cordillera’. 25432 (RG).
1480 kHz: Radio America, Ñemby, Spanish, 20/09 0202. Christian program, Bible Reading, Old Testament. 35543 (RG). Until 2 or 3 years ago, Jose Holowaty (ex-KGEI) was working in this station. I had contact with him many years ago, he answered me!!!!
1050 kHz: Radio Uruguay, Montevideo, Spanish, 19/09 0245. Interview male and female voices, talking about ‘migracion de niños en Uruguay’. 35543 (RG).
1130 kHz: Radio Nacional, Montevideo, Spanish, 20/09 0108. Sport transmission, it seems a basketball play, after minutes checked the station on the streaming via Internet, the same transmission. 24542 (RG). With loop + filtering, a good signal reduction from Radio Nacional Rio de Janeiro 1130 kHz,
1390 kHz: Radio Treinta y Tres, Treinta y Tres, Spanish, 19/09 2248. Talk by male voice, songs, id ‘Treinta y Tres’. 23522 (RG). QRM 1390 Radio Esperança.
1400 kHz: Radio Zorrilla de San Martin, Tacuarembo, Spanish, 18/09 2340. Football (Soccer) transmission. Advs Petrobras, mention to Tacuarembo. 24542 (RG). QRM 1400 kHz Radio Rio de Janeiro.
1530 kHz: CW153 Emisora Cono Sur (t), Nueva Palmira, Spanish, 20/09 0223. Female voice communication, ‘... en Uruguay’, a song. 24532 (RG). According WRTH2020, Uruguay has just one station on 1530 kHz: Emisora Cono Sur.

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