...where the KiwiSDR (PY2-81502 SWL) is installed (behind the trees) - São Bernardo SP GG66rg, SE BRAZIL


#187 / Reception in São Bernardo SP, BRAZIL - November 6, 2019

November 6, 2019 (Time in UTC)
Rx: KiwiSDR (PY2-81502 SWL - São Bernardo SP BRAZIL) 
Antenna: PA0RDT Mini Whip
CHINA: 4800 kHz China National Radio 1 (Voice of China), Geermu, Ch, 05/11 2020. OM/YL: talk, song by female voice, voices of children, announcements, instrumental mx. 35543 (RG). 
CHINA: 9540 kHz China Radio International, Beijing, Cantonese, 05/11 1140. YL: talk, songs by a YL (the same female voice in many songs). 35543 (RG). Tx w/142° Azimuth from Beijing to Pacific zone. 
GUAM: 9460 kHz KSDA Adventist World Radio, Agat, Russian, 06/11 1102. Christian message in RR by male voice. 25542 (RG). Tx from Agat w/345° Azimuth to Russia. 
GUAM: 9875 kHz KSDA Adventist World Radio, Agat, Korean, 05/11 1200. The traditional IS from AWR, female communication, instrumental mx. 25542 (RG). Tx from Agat w/330° Azimuth to South & North Korea.  
GUINEA: 9650 kHz Radio Guinea, Conakry, Unid language, 06/11 1113. Male communication (two male voices), typical instrumental music (in the back). 35333 (RG). No condition to identify the language! . 
(RG) - Rudolf Grimm PY2-81502 SWL
São Bernardo SP, BRAZIL
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