...where the KiwiSDR (PY2-81502 SWL) is installed (behind the trees) - São Bernardo SP GG66rg, SE BRAZIL


#171 / Reception in São Bernardo SP, BRAZIL - August 27, 2019

August 27, 2019 (Time in UTC) 
Rx: Sony ICF2001D (from the 80's!!!!) 
Antennas: DZ45 Square loop + C.Crane Twin Coile 
An excellent radio listening experience last night, combining vintage equipment with a modern reception technology. 
The receiver: Sony ICF2001D from the 80s, working perfectly. Antennas: Square loop DZ45 (Denis Zoqbi's home-made construction, enhanced by Rene Passold), 45 cm diameter, 22 wire loops and variable capacitor + C.Crane Twin Coile Antenna. 
(Inductive) connections: the DZ45 loop on a rotating stand (for ease of tuning), the C.Crane antenna next to the DZ45 antenna loop, connected to the C.Crane control module. 
From the C.Crane control module, the connection to the small C.Crane ferrite component that was placed over where the Sony ICF2001D receiver ferrite is located.
Results: No electrical noise at receptions! Good signal amplification. A more pronounced selectivity and gain. I was very happy with what I listened. Especially, the quality of the results. 

ARGENTINA: 760 kHz Radio Atlantica, Mar del Plata, SS, 27/08 0242. A traditional tango song. Id '760 amplitude modulada, Radio Emisora Atlantica...'. 34543 (RG). 
ARGENTINA: 950 kHz CNN Radio Argentina, Buenos Aires, SS, 27/08 0152. A popular song in SS. Id, male voice: 'CNN Radio'. Sport news. 34543 (RG). With just the rx, no conditions. A strong signal by 960 kHz Radio São Paulo, São Paulo. With both antennas, a clear signal from Buenos Aires. (CNN with songs???). 
ARGENTINA: 1270 kHz Radio Provincia de Buenos Aires, La Plata, SS, 27/08 0104. Talk by male voice, 'Radio Provincia de Buenos Aires AM, La Plata,... 15 grados'. 34543 (RG). QRM from a local station in São Paulo, Radio Morada do Sol, 1260 kHz. Listened another station on 1270 kHz in SS, in // w/Radio Provincia, a YL talk, ... 'la temperatura, 12 grados...'. 
BONAIRE: 800 kHz Trans World Radio, SS, 27/08 0146. The traditional Bible Study from TWR, by male voice. With the reception system, not the strong signal from Radio MEC 800 Rio de Janeiro. 25442 (RG). 
BRAZIL: 830 kHz Radio Tropical, Nova Iguaçu RJ, PP, 27/08 0216. Brazilian song, id (jingle) 'Tropical..'. 24332 (RG). 
BRAZIL: 1270 kHz Radio Independencia, Cascavel PR, PP, 27/08 0118. Brazilian songs, and jingle 'Radio Independencia' by male voice. 34543 (RG). 
PARAGUAY: 1080 kHz Radio Monumental, Asunción, SS, 27/08 0140. Male communication, 'Sintonia del hoy'. Advs 'Automobil Club Paraguayo, Royal Seguros'. Id: 'Radio Monumental'. 35553 (RG). 
URUGUAY: 850 kHz Radio Carve, Montevideo, SS, 27/08 0210. A romantic song in SS, 'Radio Carve'. 34533 (RG). 
URUGUAY: 1280 kHz Radio Tacuarembó, Tacuarembó, SS, 27/08 0057. Sport News, 'Ruta del Fútbol... por Emisora Tacuarembó'. 25542 (RG). 
(RG) - Rudolf Grimm PY2-81502 SWL 
São Bernardo SP, BRAZIL 
YouTube Channel: GrimmSBC    

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