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segunda-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2017

My Radio Shack - In reorganization


MY RADIO SHACK - Rudolf Grimm, São Bernardo SP BRAZIL GG66rg
Description of some equipment (portable equipment and its components are not included here, only the communications receivers and some accessories):
. Coax Loop Antenna RGP + Amplifier at the bottom. Installed on the roof terrace of the house. The rear is 8 m high (from the ground at the back of the house). On other sides, 4 m above ground.
. The antenna connection by coaxial cable until the radio shack plugged into the distribution module of this antenna system.
. Inside the radio shack: Laptop for support to radio activities - no radio interference in the receptions.
. Receivers: on the left the Kenwood R-1000 (nr. 1), in the middle the Icom IC-R75 and on the right the key of antennas x receivers. Not visible in the video, left still the Tecsun S-2000.
. Above the Kenwood R-1000 (nr.1): The MFJ-1026 that operates runs in extreme electrical noise situations, and the MFJ901B Versa Tuner connected to the 20 m external horizontal antenna.
. Above the Icom IC-R75: The MFJ931 Artificial Ground and the external sound box for this receiver.
. Above the antenna / receiver switch: on the left is the power x signal distribution module to/from the coaxial loop antenna, and on the right a second antenna switch that complements the main antenna switch (increasing installation capacity).
. Above this equipment: AOR LA400 Antenna and to the right of this, a receiver Kenwood R-1000 (nr.2). Above this receiver the Quantum QX Loop v2.0 antenna for long, medium waves and tropical band.
. In summary, the equipment interconnected by the antenna keys are: Kenwood R-1000 (2), Icom IC-R75, Tecsun S-2000. The antennas: Coaxial Loop RGP, Aluminum Magnetic Loop RGP, AOR LA400, MiniWhip PA0RDT (built in The Netherlands by Roelof Bakker himself), Quantum Loop, 20m horizontal wire (external).
. With this system mounted, for each frequency under evaluation can be extracted up to 24 possibilities, considering the receivers and antennas interconnected.
. The portable equipment and its antennas and accessories are installed in another physical part of the radio shack.

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